Cochise Stronghold Sediment-Soil and Water Lab Report  -  2007


     In this lab report, the Water readings are first, then the Sediment-Soil readings, in Parts per Million.  These samples

       were taken from a pristine pond in the highlands of Cochise Stronghold in southeastern Arizona. This pond is

       fed only by direct rain water, with no springs, streams or other runoff feeding into it.

     Here are pictures of some of these readings, comparing them to the Maximum Contaminant Levels, or toxic limits,
           converted to Parts per Billion, for each of these metals. 
     For those metals that do not have a defined Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), the Detection Limit (DL) is given.
     For each metal, the reading is to the left, the toxic limit (MCL) or detection limit (DL) to the right: